Project Portfolio Management for Transportation CompanyWork Management Solution to centralise and create an internal one stop resolution to support growth as a part of the company’s PMO Maturity Roadmap.

Due to the recent accelerated evolution of the transport industry, many companies require a SaaS platform that can support their expanding services and consequently their passenger base. The migration to a SaaS platform requires a significantly high volume of data to be migrated in a limited time to avoid disruptions in the service. To support the growing customer and service base, a semi-automated and digital one stop PPM Solution is essential, freeing up significant time of project managers that can be used for more essential tasks.

Following a staged migration approach adapted to the organization’s roadmap and internal transformation activities, Acensys drove a programme focused on migrating their existing project management processes onto the platform and automating many of the manual tasks.


In addition to the inherent technical complexity of most data centre migrations, there were significant additional challenges around time and quantity of the data being migrated.

Non ‘Digital Native’ Stakeholders

The company was highly dependent on manual processes.  Board meetings involved numerous printed copies of excel and word documents.  Decisions were recorded with ‘wet’ signatures.  Procedures such as submitting multiple excel sheets with numerous different versions, made it increasingly difficult to manage and follow processes. Another challenge was, with the new system being completely digital, to ease the transition and help Board members and other key stakeholders understand how the processes would work digitally.

Detailed Multi-Level Budget Management Processes

Due to the strict requirement of the company to approve all financial spending, where all spend had to be approved by the board, we, as Acensys had to ensure Workfront had processes to manage and record approvals accurately ensuring all key stakeholders are notified of decisions once they were made..

Data Migration Over A Weekend

Another challenging aspect of this project was that the data migration had to happen over a weekend and go-live, fully functioning on Monday. This was because a team of over 40 Project Managers, who were required to make frequent updates on the legacy platform. As a result, we needed to do the switch over without any data loss to deliver it prepared to them on the next work day.

Data Quantity

Another data related issue was the massive quantity of the data that had to be migrated. There were more than 400 in-progress projects with their financial data, tasks and timelines, to be extracted from multiple tools such as SharePoint, Excel and MS Project into the Workfront solution.


At the initial phase, several discovery sessions were done remotely as well as in person to understand the company’s processes and challenges in detail to ensure a smooth transition between their previous workflows and the newly implemented solutions. As Workfront arrives as a base system, Acensys was selected to work with the client through implementation, launch and hyper-care to customise Workfront to suit the business’ needs. The system was highly customised with customised data fields and dashboard reporting to deliver a completely automated workflow, with a standardized project management approach.

In addition, users were grouped according to the organisational structure in order to control their access rights to ensure every user had access to all the required information to autonomously complete their tasks.

Overall, the solution was configured by primarily putting the user and their needs first. Through numerous sessions with different personas, we were able to target their challenges more efficiently and come up with personalised solutions. To ensure the system was user friendly and easily adopted, numerous run-throughs of the configuration were done.


  • Many of the routine tasks that used to take project managers many hours to action, track and follow-up on were now initiated with just few clicks, allowing PMs to focus on managing higher value tasks in the project lifecycle. This resulted in a monthly 25% time-saving per project manager.
  • Data entry was much easier with all necessary information accessible with minimum navigation through the system.
  • The possibility to see every update and by whom it was made, increased the reliability of information.
  • Through reporting, dashboards and layouts, each actor of the process was displayed only the meaningful data to avoid over-exposure to information.
  • The highly customised persona focused interphase enabled rapid adoption by stakeholders of all levels from project managers to executives and sponsors.
  • Automated approvals process reflecting the company’s scheme of delegation ensuring decisions are directed to the appropriate decision maker.
  • The agreed approval flows also allowed finance releases to happen in a day when it took a week previously.
  • The entire increased velocity due to automation led to an additional CapEx spend per year of £1,507,000.
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