Digital Telco Transformation

Telcos are in danger; competition is coming from every angle and from unexpected places.  Customers are harder to attract and becoming increasingly sophisticated and won’t tolerate anything less than a world class buying and on-going customer experience.  Telcos need to be delivering more value than ever, pursuing unique customer segments and demands faster and behave more eloquently to avoid becoming deprecated to pure infrastructure providers.

How Acensys make a difference

Imagine the experience of a small business man who travels to the US from the UK every month who is getting slammed with local roaming charges because he’s on a legacy plan and doesn’t know any better and discovers that your competitor offers unlimited roaming to the US on a cheaper calling plan.

Imagine a family who wants to give their elderly grandparents who live in the country an apple watch that has fall detection built in with data services in case they are away from the home so emergency services – and the family – can be alerted.

We believe Telcos can not only predict and deliver against such customer segments, but that not doing so is the effective end of their market position.  Market research shows that operators who become data driven in order to identify and deliver such requirements; and use similar models to optimise operational costs and reduce system outages can increase their cash flow significantly up to 50%.  Telcos that want to stay competitive have to focus on digitising their ecosystem and maximising their use of analytics to stay on top.

We combine our transformation consulting experience with our vast telco experience to help you setup and drive any and all aspects of your digital transformation.

Keith has 15 years of Telco and Transformation Experience.  Schedule a meeting with Keith to discuss your digital transformation needs here.

Acensys Digital Telco Service Offerings

Our Programme Leaders are world-class in setting up and driving large programmes of change.  We have programme leaders with deep and wide experience in all aspects of the Digital Telco Building Blocks.  We can facilitate visioning with our design thinking approach or help you execute your programme with Business Transformation methods and mindsets.  We combine understanding of technology with a focus on finding and delivering business value early and consistently throughout the programmes we execute.

Our Digital Architects are world-class and can deliver not only the consulting you need to create the big picture but also understand how the technical stack links back to functional requirements to deliver world class digital transformation.

Creating a data model and then driving it to deliver outcomes is one of the biggest challenges.  We partner with Google, Gigster and other providers to give you world class data models and ability to predict and act upon the results.

We partner with uiPath and other providers to deliver you leading automation solutions on your journey to becoming fully digital.

Digital Transformation is not complete without the workplace itself also being digitised.  We partner with Workfront and other providers to help you build a world class work management system to turn your unstructured work into structured work and world-class outcomes.  We will increase your velocity, add visibility to your capacity, improve your employee engagement and help you deliver world-class quality.

AI Ops and Predictive Analytics is as applicable in the operational space as it is in the customer facing space.  We have years of experience transforming Operations to shift focus from technical services to focus on and improvement/availability of Business Services.  We can support multi-sourcing, monitoring and IT Service Management in a complex hybrid/cloud environment.

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