“Maximum Business Value” Digital Workplace Transformation

We help companies transform the way they work.  Our transformations lead to faster time to market, higher velocity, better blend of strategic versus tactical activities, powerful capacity management, higher quality and perhaps most importantly better employee engagement to retain and attract the best talent.

Acensys offers a variety of Digital Workplace Transformation Services.  Our mission is to help organisations become world class through the leveraging of digital tools.  Although our transformations are technology fueled, we very much believe that the tooling is only the platform and real business value is derived from corresponding changes to the organisation, operating model and most of all, company culture.

transformation services

Effective transformation takes time and a methodical but creative approach.

Our transformation services focus on helping you build and deliver your transformation vision and journey:

  • Maturity Assessment:  We have tools and Great Consultants to help you assess your maturity against the industry best practices and sketch out a roadmap to identify strengths, weaknesses and the “art of the possible”.
  • Leadership Workshops:  We have Great Facilitators to help you run engaging and creative workshops to help you and your team create a vision for the future.
  • Tool Selection and Implementation:  We know how to select the appropriate workplace management tool for your business balancing price with functionality for your unique situation.  We can deliver configured systems for some of the industry leaders (Workfront, Asana and ServiceNow) but we also know how to help you manage implementation and adoption in a consultative and independent way.
  • Process and Organisational Transformation:  Digital Transformation is ineffective if it’s just technology.  We have business analysts, enterprise architects and process specialists to help you build the most effective operating model and organisational structure and to redesign your processes and workflows.
  • Building Digital Dexterity and Necessary Cultural Adoption: real change requires new skills, habits and rituals.  We help you to increase your team’s digital dexterity in multiple dimensions.
  • Iterative Transformation to Obtain Maximum Business Value:  Transformations don’t happen overnight, they take time and multiple iterations.  Our consultants can help you move up the maturity ladder from good to better to best in class in steps.  Our mission is to imbue your organisation with a continuous improvement mindset.  It becomes our mission to help your team become leaders with the right skills and mindset to deliver innovation, transformation and business value to the overall organisation.

subject matter expertise is crucial

We have a large network of Great Consultants within the company and within our partner network.  We have helped our Fortune 100 customers to reach new heights.  Our most highly specialised Workplace Transformation experience includes:

  • Programme Management Office (PMO)
  • Learning and Development Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • IT Monitoring and Service management Operations
  • Finance Operations

In these areas, we have skilled specialists and in many cases best practice processes and templates to help you accelerate your transformation and ensure a high quality, successful transformation.

some customer FAQs

Many failed migrations suffer from:

  • too much focus on the technology
  • not enough early engagement with key stakeholders (who later become resistant “victims” of the transformation instead of parties to it)
  • not enough vision
  • too much vision, and unmet expectations
  • not enough planning or risk management leading to reduced reputation and slow velocity
  • too much, too fast

We focus first on discovery and understanding of your current maturity levels.  We understand that even within the same organisation, different teams, different initiatives can be run very differently.  We use our 365 degree assessment to help identify the real situation and plan a journey that is fit for purpose.  We use design thinking to engage your teams which allows them to be creative in their approach.  We don’t stop there, we harness the structure and power of “Business Transformation Methods” to plan your transformation in consumable value driven iterations.

We are relentless in our focus on delivering real business value, not just technical tools.

Great!  We know that different organisations are at different maturity levels and at different places on their journey.  Sometimes they just want to transform a small bit of the organisation or a process where they have pain points.  Our services are aimed at quick wins and small transformations that can last weeks or larger transformations that can last years.  We are flexible and understand that sometimes the right answer is to start small or focus in on a single area to help build momentum and solve real problems.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Acensys office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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