With the support of Acensys Consulting we have been able to accelerate the cloud transformation of or Global Infrastructure Delivery unit. Our new operating model easily scales to meet future demand and infrastructure can be implemented faster and more flexible to meet our customers’ needs.

Dietmar Reinelt
COO & Vice President | Cloud Infrastructure Services | Strategy, Governance & Support, SAP

Acensys Consulting was instrumental in setting up and driving our Data Centre Migration programme to its conclusion. They brought leadership, vision and execution capabilities and helped us deliver our target operations model and strategic data centre migration.

Thomas Leidenbach
Senior Executive Information Services, Bombardier Transportation GmbH

Acensys Consulting helped us to develop our Application Operations Transformation Strategy and successfully managed several key programmes to deliver our strategy. Acensys consultants brought thought leadership and strategy but with a hands-on, pragmatic approach to turn strategy into reality. They are not afraid to escalate issues but are quite good at building support across the organisation for change.

Karine Brunet
IT Shared Services Director, Vodafone Group